About Us


UNLIMITED AMMO was founded on the idea that ammunition should not be so hard to purchase.

Modern Precision 

It starts with our materials. UA sources it’s components from only the highest quality suppliers but it doesn’t stop there. UA uses the most advance ammunition loading technology to ensure every  round is loaded to exact precision to ensure the lowest rates of misfires and jams out of ever ammunition manufacturer on the market. Our ballistics experts have been trained by the best schools in the industry and do extensive research and development on every new round before releasing it to our customers to ensure we are putting out the most advanced projectiles on the market.

Unlimited Quantity

We pride ourselves on being the only ammo manufacturer that does not put limits on the quantities our customers can purchase. Furthermore, our facility can produce over 100,000 rounds per day allowing us to supply even the biggest gun enthusiasts and company contracts with all the ammunition they desire. With Unlimited Ammo’s subscription box, there is no limit to the quantity of ammo you can order per month allowing every shooter; from the weekend warrior to the doomsday prepper to stock up on their desired caliber.

Highest Quality 

QC is repeated 2 times more than the average industry standard SAAMI suggested amount. Quality control process includes sensors on the machine to produce ammunition to the standards and specs. Primer seating check, powder charge sensor. In process physical gauge check by our highly trained technicians. After the ammunition is made a quality control check including an overall visual inspection of the case, primer seating and condition. Overall length, case size and shape are checking using SAAMI standard gauges for case size and overall length. Then one last final visual injection as the rounds are trayed and boxed.

Modern Delivery 

Unlimited Ammo is the first and only ammunition subscription service on the market… It’s like Netflix but more fun. Our subscription box allows customers to set it and forget it. Long gone are the days of calling gun shops and standing in line to purchase 2 boxes max, of ammunition. With the subscription box, your ammo arrives at your door the same time every month. The UA subscription box also includes various tactical extras; from name brand tactical knives and preloaded magazines to red dot scopes and rails all at a competitive price to your average cost of ammo alone.

Retail ammo prices go up daily. Know what you’re paying and know what you’re getting. Don’t fight the lines, don’t fight the retail pricing, don’t fight the quantity limits. Buy Ammo the modern way with Unlimited Ammo.


UA believes that proper gun use and gun control starts with gun education. The best step to eliminating gun violence and gun related injuries is through educating our youth on the acceptable uses of a rearm and the proper way to handle them. This is why UA uses our resources and network to facilitate rearm education for adults and youth of America. Working with various organizations, we focus on training todays youth for a safer tomorrow. Ultimately, focusing on safe rearm training and ownership for all.

Made in the USA

UA supports American manufacturing. By vertically integrating our manufacturing, we have a better hand on who, what, where, when, and how our ammunition is being used. This has also allowed us to employ veterans and disabled patrons thus bringing more manufacturing jobs to America and fueling the economy.

Safety in Self Defense 

UA aims to empower gun owners by providing quality and quantity ammunition for training and self defense. No one should be a victim of violence or crime and by empowering those that choose the right to bear arms with reliable training and supplies, we can reduce violent crime, rearm mishaps, and malfunctions when it matters the most.

Best BANG for your buck 

For the longest time the ammunition industry has been dominated by two major monopolies. Until now, these companies have controlled the pricing of the market by stockpiling components, price gouging wholesalers, and raising prices of ammunition in times of uncertainty. UA focuses on taking the worry of price out of purchasing ammunition so our customers can purchase with piece of mind; knowing that the price wont go up next month. It’s time to let the smaller guys revolutionize the ammo industry and provide better product to the end user.

Meet Our Team

Executive Team: Connor Schnepf, Calvin Caldwell, Justin Lawrence
Marketing/ Media Production: Cody Henkel, Alan Henkel
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