The ammunition world has been dominated by the 3 biggest names in Ammunition. Federal, Remington, and CCI. All 3 are owned by the same company Vista Outdoor, ($VSTO) They have dominated the retail space working with some of the largest retailers in the United States to make sure all of their ammo is stocked and in the hands of the American people. The real reason smaller ammunition companies aren’t in as many retail stores is simply because the cost to make the ammunition and the price that you need to sell the ammo at (wholesale) simply put there isn’t enough margin. Even with the price you pay on the shelves going up it seems like everyday, the cost of material is going up exponentially as well. The components used to make ammunition also is very dominated, the more components you can buy the more you can make and purchasing in bulk will allow you to lower your cost increasing your margin. Smaller companies don’t have unlimited money to buy massive bulk component supplies which is why the big names will remain the big names in the industry their buying power, margin, brand name, retail relations, is what makes it very difficult to compete with as a new up incoming manufacture. Unless you are Unlimited Ammo. “UA” is a smaller boutique manufacturer, with a primary focus on supplying the highest quality ammunition and delivering it in a unique way directly to their shooters, they don’t care about whats on the shelfs in the big box store because they don’t want their product next to the big names, they are in a whole league of their own. Unlimited Ammo is changing the game in the ammo manufacturing world by providing their shooters a monthly subscription box. Unlike other subscription boxes you see filled full of “cool” but really useless stuff. You receive the highest quality ammunition in any quantity you want, in addition to goodies and items real shooters want right to your front door once a month. Unlimited Ammo is made by shooters for shooters, UA’s main focus is providing their customers a modern way to get the highest quality products at the best value without wasting your time standing in line at all the retail stores around town trying to beat the lines and box limitations. A normal subscription box will have a bunch of products from different brands, all of the ammunition is made 100% by Unlimited Ammo which is what makes it so awesome. It’s very refreshing to see something new school in an old school world, if you are interested in learning more and seeing what your monthly supply drop from Unlimited Ammo could use click the link below to learn more.
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