Ammunition comes in all shapes and calibers designed for different uses, from harvesting squirrels to eliminating deadly threats. Every caliber serves a purpose. The name on the ammo box makes a big difference. Ammo quality is looked at by several different parameters the most important ones are accuracy, efficiency, and accountability. Accuracy: In shooting in general it is very rare when accuracy would not be a big topic of discussion, in hunting the opportunity to harvest an animal may be 400 yards away with cross wind, knowing the accuracy of the round can allow you to perform the proper calculations just like a sniper would do in battle. When you only have 1 shot you want to make sure that round is going to perform just like the other 49 rounds in its box. Efficiency: Why is efficiency with ammunition important? Efficiency actually covers several different things, first the effectiveness of the specific round at certain distances, in close range and long range the effectiveness matters, for example a 9mm Hallow point is used for close range situations usually used for stopping a threat-that round needs to be able to be fired without any issues or hiccups to allow another round to follow immediately after the first. Ejection and cycling play a huge roll in the ammo’s efficiency and effectiveness. Accountability: Really ties all the most important factors of ammunition together, in any situation when you pull the trigger you need that round to go bang. Nothing is worse than having a round that fails you, at the range practicing or target shooting its not a big deal when you have a malfunction, but when your life depends on it accountability is something you don’t want to have in question. Firearms are manufactured with machining that allows extreme accuracy when it comes down to malfunctions or issues most of the time they are ammo related. Not all ammo is 100% perfect but most have a failure rate of less than <0.5%, issues with primers, damaged casings, are just few of the common issues. Lower quality ammo is made rapidly on machines with very inexpensive components, Not all components are created equal, not all machines are created equal. It’s not always the name on the outside of the box its whats on the inside that counts, It is always recommended before you carry any defensive rounds or use any rounds to practice by using some out of the box and get comfortable with the round itself. Overall the quality of ammo is extremely important when it comes down to accuracy, efficiency, and accountability.
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